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Episode 070: New Spaces & Next Steps at AHS

Episode 070: New Spaces & Next Steps at AHS

When students returned to Avon High School after winter break, they were welcomed into two new and renewed sections of the school, representing major milestones in the Making Room for More renovation and expansion project.

Listen in as Dr. Windham sits down for a conversation with sophomore Lilly Heath, junior Marcus Townsend, and Principal Matt Shockley to find out how students and staff are enjoying the newly redesigned cafeteria and the fitness room. You'll enjoy the students' honest takes on the cafeteria design and the food — everyone loves Oriole Bowls — and the excitement surrounding all the great work being done in the new fitness facility. Stick around for a preview on the next major project milestones and what Lilly and Marcus have to say about what it's like to be Avon Orioles.

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