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Episode 073: AIS East's Family Book Club

Episode 073: AIS East's Family Book Club

When parents and grandparents model reading habits — especially when they read with their children — they can help students become lifelong readers and learners.

Avon Intermediate School East Teacher Sarah O'Brien has long been interested in how efforts to increase family literacy can impact on a school and a community. She led successful book clubs at the elementary level, but she knew it would be more challenging in an intermediate setting because students and their families tend to be so busy with a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Nevertheless, she launched the AIS East Family Book Club a few years ago and it has been a great success, drawing hundreds of students and their families who are now enjoying the benefits of all that extra extra time together, absorbed in their books.

Any time we can get a book in a kids' hands it's a positive thing. Sarah O'Brien

Dr. Wyndham and Ms. O'Brien are joined by students Cab and Harry and their mom, Hickory Elementary Teacher Kristle Chalos, for a conversation about AIS East's Family Book Club. The guests explain how Family Book Club works, they review what they're currently reading, and they talk about the celebration that will take place at the end of this book cycle. Stick around for Harry's suggestions about school lunch and to hear the boys' future plans.


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