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Episode 075: Avon Band Past and Present

Episode 075: Avon Band Past and Present

In light of Avon Community School Corporation's sustained success in performing arts — which most recently includes another World Championship for Avon World Guard, a clean sweep of winter band competitions, and a ninth Best Communities for Music Education award in the last decade — we thought it would be intriguing to take a deeper dive into the past and present of the Avon Band.

Recently, Dr. Wyndham had a conversation with two clarinetists from the AHS Band. Betty Barding was a member of the first Avon Band and graduated in 1954. Abbi Churchill plays clarinet in the Marching Black and Gold and Indoor Winds and will graduate this May. Both have unique perspectives into the humble beginnings and golden present of the band program. Stick around to learn highlights from the history of Avon Schools and the Town of Avon and to find out where you could get the best sloppy joe in Indy ... in 1954.

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