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Episode 076: Teacher Appreciation Week '24

Episode 076: Teacher Appreciation Week '24

This is Teacher Appreciation Week, a week our nation designates to celebrate the hundreds of thousands of people across our nation who have dedicated themselves to this noble profession. Here in Avon, we shine a spotlight not only on our incredible educators – and we have so many wonderful teachers in Avon – but also on our support staff. We have approximately 1,600 employees here in Avon Schools and each one invests in the success of our students. 

This week, we conducted short interviews with teachers and administrators across the district. We thought it would be inspiring and appropriate to hear from them during Teacher Appreciation Week. Our question was simple: Who was your favorite teacher? It was fun to see their faces light up as they thought back to their most impactful teachers and classroom experiences. A lot of them had a difficult time choosing just one teacher. Most of them highlighted the educators who played the biggest role in them choosing a career in education. Several pointed out teachers who – through force of relationship – simply never gave up on them. Some mentioned teachers who inspired a love of a particular subject, teachers who saw potential in them that they didn’t know they possessed, and teachers whose methods they have adopted in their own classrooms. Let’s hear from our educators and administrators.

To all our educators and support staff, thank you!

2023-24 Teachers & Support Staff of the Year


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