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Episode 35: Class of '22 Senior Sendoff

Episode 35: Class of '22 Senior Sendoff

There's no more appropriate way to conclude season 2 of the Orioles In-The-Know podcast than to highlight some of our graduating seniors.

Join the conversation as Dr. Wyndham and four members of the AHS Class of '22 discuss their experiences in Avon Schools, the importance of balancing academics and extracurricular activities, their plans for the future, and their advice to students in the class of '23, '24, '25, and beyond. Be sure to listen until the end so you don't miss their shout-outs to current and former teachers, highlighting that they're primed for success beyond the walls of AHS because of the investments educators have made in them during every stage of their experience from kindergarten through high school. We're excited to celebrate with these students -- and all members of the Class of '22 -- as they wrap up their educational journeys in Avon.


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