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Episode 47: Avon Simon Youth Academy

Episode 47: Avon Simon Youth Academy

When you hear the term 'alternative school', what images come to mind? Our own alternative school, Avon Simon Youth Academy, will open its doors for the first time this summer, but it will be different than what you might imagine. In this episode, Dr. Wyndham talks with Avon Academy's new Coordinator, long-time Avon High School Assistant Principal Kellie Rodkey, about the need for the academy, the type of program she is building, enrollment expectations, and her plans for the 100 or more students who will flourish in this unique learning environment.

Learn how Avon Academy will help credit-deficient AHS students, students who need a smaller learning environment, and students who might not graduate because of life circumstances. Avon Academy will not only help students cross the finish line at graduation, it will support them as they develop skills and plans for real-world success beyond graduation.


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