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FACS Students Take Preschoolers to the Orchestra

FACS Students Take Preschoolers to the Orchestra

It's never too early to learn to appreciate the arts.

Preschool students whose parents signed them up to support the Avon High School Advanced Child Development Lab got to have a hands-on, eye- and ear-opening experience last week when they visited an AHS Orchestra class.

"Our preschoolers learned a lesson about music and enjoyed a field trip to listen to our High School Orchestra play some beautiful music," says Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Teacher Aubrey Spaeth. "Then they had an opportunity to touch the instruments. [It was] wo cute to see the older kids share the joy of music with our littles."

Director Dean Westman and Orchestra students are talented, dedicated musicians. Who knows? Some of the preschool children they impressed with their skills may now be on the path to learning to love and play music, too.


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