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It was a Wet Wednesday at Avon High School

It was a Wet Wednesday at Avon High School

Students and staff at Avon High School received an unordinary interruption to their school day on Wednesday. A huge thunderstorm moved through the area at noon. The sudden downpour caused aging systems at AHS to become overwhelmed. What began as a few drips from ceilings and wet spots on floors alerted teachers, students, and staff to move.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Michael Sullivan is familiar with the challenges of maintaining an aging facility Here's what he had to say about the situation:

"We had a huge storm today in Avon, and a few of the 25-year-old drainage pipes and pump systems at Avon High School simply couldn't keep up. Staff and teachers did a great job keeping students safe and dry, moving away from problem areas before the leaks got large. We're grateful to the AHS administrative team, our facilities crew, and to our students and educators for their willingness to work together in situations that demand flexibility and quick thinking. We were able to complete the day on our normal schedule and we will work to assess and repair the damage in the coming days." Dr. Michael Sullivan, Assistant Superintendent

Local media covered the story and shared photos. You can view the story on WTHR and Fox59.

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