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Kindness Matters at Pine Tree

Kindness Matters at Pine Tree

When Pine Tree Elementary students filed into the gymnasium for a convocation last Friday, they knew they were going to learn about kindness. They didn't know they would get a surprise visit from Big O, the Avon High School mascot, and that they'd get to watch the world premiere of a music video starring their teachers.

Big O, senior Owen Carr, helped Principal Shelley Moyers, Assistant Principal Jennifer McCann Thomas, and the kindergarten teachers demonstrate kindness during the convocation. Through cheers, dance moves, and more, students were reminded why kindness is such an important value for all students and staff at Pine Tree. 

During the convocation, students cheered as their teachers and administrators appeared onscreen in a video they made to remind them of their P-T-E values: Practice respect and kindness, Take responsibility for your actions, and Engage/Excel.

The kindness spilled over into the hallway after the assembly as students each got to share a fist bump, high five, or hug — there were lots of hugs — with Big O.

Way to go, Pine Tree Students. Keep showing kindness!


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