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The Library Minute with Colin

The Library Minute with Colin

In Avon Schools, our libraries are hubs of activity. They are centers of learning, imagination, and excitement. In each issue of Oriole Blast, we'll feature select book reviews by Avon students. In addition to enjoying the chance to hear from them, maybe they'll get you hooked on a book.

My name is Colin, and I'm a student at Avon Intermediate School East. I read Alex Rider Skeleton Key and I loved it. It is a maze of suspense and danger.

It is about a 14-year-old British schoolboy named Alex Rider who works for M16 British intelligence agency. They send him to the US to go on a mission for the CIA to infiltrate the island known as Skeleton Key because they have info that there is a nuclear bomb on the island. While he is there, he is captured, almost killed, and is almost adopted by the person he was trying to stop. In the end he defuses the nuclear bomb and barely escapes with his life. It is a thrill seeker and will keep you reading to the last page.

I really enjoyed this book! It is one of several books in the Alex Rider series, but I recommend that you start with the first book, Alex Rider Stormbreaker.

If your child is inspired to check out this recommendation, they may get it from their school library, by visiting our friends at the Avon-Washington Township Public Library or pick up a copy online.


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