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Meet Avon's 2021-22 Teachers & Support Staff of the Year

These 27 teachers and support staff members were nominated by peers who then voted to select them as their school or department's 2021-22 Teachers & Support Staff of the Year. The district's Teacher & Support Staff of the Year will be unveiled at a Back-to-School Celebration in late July.

We congratulate all of these honorees as well as the more than 1,450 individuals who serve our students and schools every day. Thank you all for the heart and hard work you invest in helping Avon students succeed.

Avon High School

zachary rohrbach
Carol Ayler

Avon Middle School North

jennifer rudolph
Cathy Drabyn

Avon Middle School South

denise williams
jackie berkley

Avon Intermediate School East

Jennifer Pfledderer
Kelly Connell

Avon Intermediate School West

jessica belcher
amanda boeke

Cedar Elementary

Jody Williams
Kelly Allen

Hickory Elementary

Bailey Gibson
Kristy Falbe

Maple Elementary

Laurie Davies
Carissa Wooden

Pine Tree Elementary

sarah van duzer
elizabeth beachler

River Birch Elementary

sara randall
theresa dotts

Sycamore Elementary

sarah altman
sharon harris

White Oak Early Learning Center

Kelly Weaver
Amy Allison

Administration Center

rosa liz

Technology Department

Ron Dellacca

Transportation Department

lynda settimi


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  • Support Staff