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New Front-Door Security Measures

Although they will be entirely unaware, students will return to schools that are even safer and more secure than ever when they return from fall break on Monday, October 25. That's thanks to brand new access systems that are being installed during fall break.

Already operational at Maple Elementary, this new system allows school doors to remain locked. The camera and voice system enables school personnel to see and speak with with each guest to determine the nature of their visit before granting access.  

In recent years, this technology has become standard in new school construction and renovation projects. This upgrade brings Avon Schools in line with protocols most school corporations have already adopted. We are pleased to be able to add this additional layer of security to our already-safe schools and facilities. 

The next time you visit your child's school, please push the button on the access panel and you'll be greeted by a school staff member who will ask you to provide your name and the reason for your visit before unlocking the door for you. Thank you for your patience as we fully implement this updated system.

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