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Pine Tree Elementary Celebrates Black History

Assistant Principal Jennifer McCann Thomas has enjoyed interacting with Pine Tree Elementary students during Black History Month. Teachers and staff have also joined in the celebration by creating several incredible displays around the building.

For example:

  • Music Teacher Mrs. Anderson posted inspirational quotes from Black musicians
  • Teachers decorated their doors with Black history themes of their choice
  • The Celebrating wall, which is updated monthly, features influential Black Americans

McCann Thomas says,

I have personally had conversations about some of the people represented on the Celebrating Wall with students of all ages. They have asked great questions and have been really excited to share which people they already knew about!

One touching moment happened while I was walking down the hallway with a group of students. A young girl looked at some of the hallway decorations and shared she was excited for February because it meant that she would get to be celebrated. Listening to her talk about feeling seen and valued reinforced our team's vision of ensuring students know they belong in our classrooms and community.

We're excited for these students and their educators. They are helping Avon Schools become and remain a place where all belong, learn, and grow.


  • All Belong Learn Grow
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