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Pine Tree Student Wins Kids Hero Award

If you've ever had to call 911 to report an emergency, you know how stressful it can be. Even adults can get flustered when the operator answers the phone and says, "911. What's your emergency?" 

"I've heard stories about medical professionals who go blank when they call 911," says Avon Community School Corporation School Safety Coordinator Deb Swain-Bayless. "When you are in a pressure-packed situation and every second counts, it is really difficult to keep your composure."

That wasn't the case for Pine Tree student Darasimi Fajana – she prefers to be called Rachel – when she called 911 to report her brother's medical emergency.

"I love to help people and make a good difference in their lives." Rachel Fajana

Because of the composure, maturity, and courage Rachel displayed during that 911 call, she was awarded the Indiana Public Safety Communications Kids Hero Award. Along with her parents, Disi and Wole, she attended an award ceremony at the March Avon Town Council meeting. In addition to meeting the 911 Operator who answered her call, she got to meet representatives from The Public Safety Communications Conference, Indiana APCO, and Indiana NENA.

When Rachel isn't excelling at school – she's a spelling bee champion, avid reader, and a talented public speaker – she enjoys playing Roblox, winning kickball games, playing her recorder, attending church, and spending time with her family. "I love them very much," says Rachel. Partly due to her understanding of how COVID-19 has affected people's lungs and hearts, she has begun to develop a plan for her future. "I want to be a pulmonologist. Or a cardiologist. Either one."

"I love to help people and make a good difference in their lives," says Rachel.

Outstanding job, Rachel, and congratulations. You are making a difference!

About the Kids Hero Award: The Indiana Public Safety Communications Kids Hero Award is an opportunity to recognize children who dialed 911 to report an emergency. Hero nominees are young children under the age of 18 who have made exceptional calls to 911. Calls nominated must be made with the purpose of saving a life, stopping a crime, or reporting a fire. 


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