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Pine Tree's March Celebrations

Pine Tree Assistant Principal Jennifer McCann Thomas shared about two special celebrations that have captivated students' attention and imagination during the month of March.

At Pine Tree this month, we are celebrating Women's History Month and Disability Awareness Month. Our hallway displays have gotten a lot of attention and great feedback from students! They've been a hit!

Our Women's History Month bulletin board includes submissions from staff and students on women who are important to them. Students have been pausing in the hallway to read these reflections on who is important to our students and why.  

For Disability Awareness Month, our staff and students have been looking for all 12 posters of famous people who have disabilities. Teachers have taken their classes to read about them and to have group discussions. Some students have stopped to read all on their own – especially when they find someone they are interested in! Each poster celebrates the subject's perseverance and success.


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