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Planning to Support 12,000 Students and Beyond

Planning to Support 12,000 Students and Beyond

Hello, Avon families!  

In 2010, our enrollment in Avon Schools had just passed 8,200 students and we opened our newest school, River Birch Elementary. We now have over 10,300 students in kindergarten through 12th grade and about another 300 students in preschool. That means we’ve been able to accommodate more than 2,000 additional students for 12 years within the same school buildings.  

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As nice as it is to look back, it’s even more important for us to look forward. Demographic studies we’ve had completed tell us we can expect enrollment in Avon Schools to grow by at least 1,600 students in the next decade. 

Work is already underway to expand Avon High School and Pine Tree Elementary. While those projects are really important to accommodate additional growth, they alone won’t support the growth that we know is coming in our community. 

Driving around, you can’t help but see growth in the new subdivisions being developed and in new homes being constructed. Now is the time that we need to have conversations about how we make room for more students in our schools. In recent months, our district leadership team has been hard at work assembling three strategic growth options that will enable our schools to continue providing excellent educational experiences for 12,000 students and beyond. I’m proud to tell you that none of these options will require an increase to taxpayers or use of referendum funds.   

I’d like to invite you to join the conversation and to share your input with us.

  • You can join us for one of two identical Community Input Sessions on either November 28 or December 1. These sessions will be livestreamed, and in-person participants will have the opportunity to submit questions and feedback. 
  • If you can’t make those sessions, we’ve posted a series of video presentations of the same content on our website. They are brief and packed with helpful information. I encourage you to watch them. 
  • Those sessions and videos provide high-level information, but I’d also encourage you to attend a December 5 Community Presentation where we will share more detailed renderings and cost information about the three growth options that we are considering. 
  • I’d also like to invite you to participate in a special feedback survey designed to capture not only what factors you believe to be most important in making these decisions, but your feedback on the strengths and challenges of the proposed growth models. 

Visit for more details. 

With your participation in the process – along with lots of input from our incredible educators, staff, and administrators – I am confident we will be able to identify a strategic growth plan that will equip us to serve more students and to ensure Avon Schools remain a place where all belong, learn, and grow for years to come.


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Scott Wyndham, Ed.D.

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