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Principals Pucker Up for a Purpose

Principals Pucker Up for a Purpose

If you miss a day of school, you miss a lot. Any Pine Tree Elementary students who happened to be absent today missed their Principal and Assistant Principal kissing pigs! But that's the point. Not many of them were absent.

Principal Shelley Moyers and Assistant Principal Jennifer McCann Thomas found themselves in a pig pen on a sunny Friday afternoon because they promised to pucker up and smooch a pig if their students met their April attendance goal. That motivated the students. They surpassed the goal. 

Mrs. Moyers and Mrs. McCann Thomas kept their promise, and Rosie and Taylor took to the experience ... like pigs to mud! Of course, the students, teachers, staff, and the district administrators who gathered to witness the event all enjoyed it — from the safety of the area outside the pen.

School attendance has been in the news as national rates failed to bounce back to pre-COVID numbers. Today's event was proof that our school principals are committed to do whatever it takes to make sure students are present and ready to learn.

If you miss a day of school, you miss a lot!


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