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Students Write Book about Speech-Language Therapy

Students Write Book about Speech-Language Therapy

by Alexandra Smock

Speech and language students at Pine Tree Elementary had the opportunity to participate in being authors! Through StudentTreasures Publishing, [students on my] caseload wrote about their time in speech. They wrote about what their goals are, what strategies they use, their favorite part, and advice for those just like them and provided drawings to match.

They now have a classroom copy of “All About Speech at Pine Tree” and can better articulate how Speech-Language Therapy helps them in school and beyond. This is a great educational tool for those who may not understand the full scope of speech therapy.'

G.H., a second-grade student, wrote:

In speech I worked on using a good "r" sound. It helps me see it's a smile sound. This is how I remember to bring my lips into a smile and my tongue up and back. My tip for people in speech is to always try your best and never give up. It helps when your speech therapist believes in you like Ms. Smock.

Scroll through a few of the pages of "All About Speech at Pine Tree" below.


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