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The Library Minute with Damanpreet

The Library Minute with Damanpreet

In Avon Schools, our libraries are hubs of activity. They are centers of learning, imagination, and excitement. In each issue of Oriole Blast, we'll feature a select book review by an Avon student. In addition to enjoying the chance to hear from them, maybe they'll get you hooked on a book.

My name is Damanpreet. I am an eighth grader at Avon Middle School North. I am writing a book review on The Night She Disappeared by April Henry. This book is classified as Young Adult and Mystery.

This book focuses on a girl named Gabie who works at a pizza shop called Pete’s Pizza. The story opens with a pizza order that is called in a night. The man on the phone asks if the girl who drives the MINI Cooper could deliver the order. The car belongs to Gabie; however, on that afternoon Gabie’s friend Kayla had been working in her place because Gabie wanted some time off. Later, that night Kayla leaves to take the order to the man and goes missing. Gabie teams up with Drew who is a coworker at Pete’s. Together they have both set a mission to find Kayla before she dies in the terrifying hands of the man who abducted her. Page by page this book solves the mystery of what happens to Kayla. This book is full of suspense and keeps the reader engaged in the mystery. 

This book was one of the few books I have recommended to people, just because of how intriguing and suspenseful it is. I really enjoyed this book and would love it if others would give it a try!

If your child is inspired to check out this recommendation, they may get it from their school library, by visiting our friends at the Avon-Washington Township Public Library or pick up a copy online.


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