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What's the Value of an Avon Education?

AP coursework gives Avon grad, family massive head start

Avon High School '21 Salutatorian Jacob Mills became a junior at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) before he stepped onto their Chicago campus.

How's that possible?

Administrators at IIT informed Jacob and his family that he had completed enough Advanced Placement (AP) courses while at AHS—60 credits or 43% of his degree requirements—to be classified as a third-year student.

The value of Jacob's dedication to his coursework at AHS is difficult to quantify. "The cost per credit hour at IIT is about $1,500, so you could say those 60 credits are worth $90,000. However he did receive a full-tuition scholarship," notes Mills' mother Jennifer, Treasurer at Avon Intermediate School West. "As hard as it is to quantify, I know his high school experience prepared him for college, will allow him to get more education at a lower cost, and will likely increase his lifelong earning potential."

Instead of choosing to graduate in two years, Mills will attend IIT for the full four years. At that time, he will have completed two bachelor's degrees (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics) and a master's degree in Data Science.

AHS Assistant Principal Frank Meyer notes, "Not only was Jacob an outstanding student at AHS, but he was always a pleasure to talk with at lunch or during passing periods. He remained ever confident in his abilities and humble about his success." Looking ahead, he says, "I imagine his college career will be marked with even greater successes as he is given more and more opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Jacob."

One of Many

Clearly, Mills is an impressive young man, but he is one of many AHS students—past and present—whose dedication to their academics is giving them a major head start in college and in life.

AHS offers a slate of 24 AP classes, and each year hundreds of students enroll. In addition to the financial benefit of the college credits they earn, something their families certainly appreciate, these students find themselves better prepared for the difficulty of their college courses because of the rigor of the classes they complete while at AHS.

Advice for Parents/Guardians

When asked what advice she would give to other Avon families whose children are enrolled in or considering enrolling in AP courses, Jennifer Mills says, "Above all, I would suggest encouraging your kids to take classes that they find interesting rather than just trying for college credit or additional weight on their GPA." She stresses the importance of preparing for the AP exam as well as getting a look at AP course offerings in advance in order to make wise course selections. She also highlights the importance of being strategic. "Even testing out of just one course per semester for the first couple years will allow [students] to take a lighter load and set them up for greater success in college."

In Avon Schools, we're proud of the academic accomplishments of Jacob Mills and the hundreds of inspired students, engaged learners, and empowered citizens at AHS.

If your child is enrolled in AP courses at AHS or if you are considering the option, contact the talented team in the Guidance Department

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