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There's a New Bird in Town

athletic logo

To be an Avon Oriole is to have pride and passion. Stephen Onochie

Avon High School, Middle Schools have launched a unified athletics brand.

AHS Student Athletes

Student-athletes Luke Rioux, Nevaeh Wren, Mason Reynolds, and Alexis Maesch model new AHS Athletics gear.

Avon Schools is entering a new era. This is most clearly seen in the renovation and expansion projects at Avon High School (AHS) and Pine Tree Elementary and in plans to build a new middle school west of Prestwick – all driven by steady enrollment growth.

For decades, thousands of AHS student-athletes have competed with the Avon Orioles logo on their jerseys. Thousands more students, parents, and community members have proudly displayed it around town. It has been a point of pride, and it has served us well. However, along with this era of growth and excitement comes an opportunity to create a new athletic logo that is not only designed to work in digital formats, but one that even more convincingly represents what it means to be an Avon Oriole to this generation of students.

That’s a challenge we’ve embraced with plenty of help from students, coaches, and administrators. After a year of work, we’re proud to announce there’s a new bird in town.

What does it mean to be an Avon Oriole?

Ask student leaders, and they’ll tell you:

  • “It’s about having pride and bringing your all in what you do,” (Molly Williams).
  • “We are tough, disciplined, and strong,” (Ty Mead).
  • “We have pride and passion,” (Stephen Onochie).
  • “It means to be accountable, respectful, and engaged, [working] together united as one,” (Jessica Hegedus).
  • “We are driven, confident, courageous, inspiring, compassionate, loyal, and adaptable,” (Jonathan Loh).
  • “It means working with a diverse group of people to be a team,” (Amanda Logeais).
AMS North Student Athletes

Gavriel Johnson, Vivian Ford, Gonezya Chikonka, and Cassius Downing, AMS North student-athletes, pose in their new gear.

AHS Student Government and Student-Athlete Leadership Team members provided input and guidance that helped us reimagine and redesign the logo. Their enthusiastic endorsements have been invaluable: “That definitely has the swag for sports,” “The wings are cool,” “It’s easy to read,” “It looks modern,” “It’s unique and classic,” “That’s fire,” and, most importantly, “No teeth!” (Many pointed out, rightly, that orioles don’t have teeth.)

An Opportunity for Community Unity

This project is an opportunity to build unity. This is most apparent in the adoption of the new logo at Avon Middle School North and South and the yet-to-be-named new middle school. Middle school student-athletes will now have the chance to compete wearing the same logo they’ll wear at AHS.

We all will soon begin bumping into others wearing the new logo at games and around town, bringing a renewed sense of excitement and unity. We’re all Avon Orioles, after all.

A Project by Avon, for Avon

ams south student athletes

AMS South student-athletes Makyi Hines, Gertrude Tennery-Wilson, Milyn Kirsh, and Rylee Crain proudly rep their school colors.

To ensure this logo would be our own, we chose to work with a designer who, in addition to being a talented artist, lives in Avon. Because he is the father of three AHS grads, Todd Adkins ( knows what makes Avon Orioles unique. He heard and implemented our feedback and was an enthusiastic partner throughout the project. Those qualities are reflected in the final design.

Learn more about the new logo, find out where you can purchase swag, get free digital goodies, and more by scrolling down.

Go Orioles!

We are driven, confident, courageous, inspiring, compassionate, loyal, and adaptable. Jonathan Loh

Visit the School Websites

Click the links below to visit each school's website.

avon high school athletic logo
avon middle school north athletic logo
avon middle school south athletic logo

Smartphone Wallpapers

Show your school pride on your smartphone wallpaper. Browse the designs and install them on your phone. If you need help, instructions are below the galleries. TIP: You'll have a hard time using the following unless you're on a smartphone.

AHS Athletics

AMS North Athletics

AMS South Athletics

Once you find a wallpaper you like, tap and hold on to the image, and select "Save Image" to save it to your camera roll. Or you can take a screenshot of the image. Simply press the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously. The screen will flash white along with a camera shutter sound, indicating that the screenshot was properly taken and saved to your camera roll.

You can set your wallpaper using your Camera Roll. Open the image you want to set as your wallpaper. Tap the "Share" button, and select "Use as Wallpaper." You can then adjust the positioning of the wallpaper by pinching and zooming on the image. Choose between the home screen, lock screen, or both.

You can also add a wallpaper using the Settings application. From here, you can access the photo background you downloaded. Or, access other default wallpapers created by iPhone. Go to "Settings", then tap "Wallpaper". Tap on "Add New Wallpaper." You can then select from Apple's wallpaper gallery. Or, tap on "Customize" underneath either the home screen or lock screen. You can then select the image you want from the camera roll.

We all will soon begin bumping into others wearing the new logo at games and around town, bringing a renewed sense of excitement and unity.

We’re all Avon Orioles, after all.

Get Your Gear

Check out these local and online vendors for your new Orioles swag.

Retailers in Avon

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