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Fiber WAN - Request for Proposals

Avon Community School Corporation is requesting proposals for self-provisioned fiber construction or services provided over third party networks in order to provide WAN connections between eligible sites. Fiber Service must be active by May 1, 2025.  Bidders are advised that this project will be contingent upon the successful obtaining of E-Rate funding and an Applicant-issued Notice to Proceed, and the contract agreement between the Applicant and the selected vendor must recognize that contingency.  Sites to be connected are listed in the RFP.  All viable proposed fiber paths will be considered.

Fiber WAN Request for Proposals - PDF

Avon Community Schools solicited an analysis of one proposed fiber route.  The analysis below is only one possible route and is provided to inform potential bidders.  All proposed routes will be considered.

Fiber WAN Sample Proposed Route Mapping - PDF



Posted Dec. 12, 2023