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Mental Wellness

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We believe all students deserve to learn in a safe, secure emotional environment.

At Avon Schools, we want all of our students to succeed not only academically but socially and emotionally as well. So, our Mental Wellness staff partners with families/caregivers, educators, support staff members, and community providers to ensure our students are surrounded with what they need to thrive.

Feel free to browse through this page to learn how we support our students' wellness. If you have questions, need support, or want more information, please contact us.

Project AWARE changes the frequency

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Project AWARE stands for Advancing Wellness And Resiliency Education.  Thanks to this incredible grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), ACSC is able to serve students through the Avon Mental Wellness Team.  The Avon Mental Wellness Team is staffed with social workers who provide small group and/or one-on-one meetings with students to develop skills around mental wellness education and skill development.  

The Mental Wellness Team focuses on three areas:

  • Empowering students to recognize and build their mental wellness through small group, individual, and/or skill-based lessons
  • Strengthening the school-family partnership through education, outreach, and connection with community resources
  • Building relationships and supporting school staff mental wellness through outreach, education, and conversation

If you think your child could benefit from additional mental wellness support, please reach out to your school counselor for more information, To learn more about Project AWARE, you can visit the Indiana Department of Education or SAMHSA's Project AWARE information page.

School Counselors & Social Workers


Webpage, (317) 544-5000

Ann Creed, Director, ext. 5051
Tonya Bess (gr. 9-11, A-Chr), ext. 5055
Elliott Doan (gr. 9-11, Chu-Gen), ext. 5053
Nathan Ellis (gr-9-11, Orp-Smi), ext. 5056
Judy Garcia (gr. 12), ext. 5312
DuShaun Goings (gr. 9-11, Geo-Kn), ext. 5052
Michael Jaskoski (gr. 12, Cle-O), ext. 5317
Tiffany Raidy (gr. 12, A-Cla/P-Z), ext. 5318
Dave Thompson (gr. 9-11, Smo-Z), ext. 5054
Michelle Wilson (gr. 9-11, Ko-Oro), ext. 5057

Social Workers
Brittany Cheviron, ext. 5223
Tahirah Purifoy, ext. 5243

AMS North

Webpage, (317) 544-5500

Andrea Davasher, ext. 5517
Allison West, ext. 5516

Social Worker 
Jennie Gooding, (317) 544-5890

AMS South

Webpage, (317) 544-5700

Kasey Baughn, ext. 5717
Paul Quirke, ext. 5715

Social Worker
Colleen Ray, (317) 544-5915

AIS East

Webpage, (317) 544-5800

Jennifer Pfledderer, ext. 5819
Troy Warthan, ext. 5828

Social Worker
Jennie Gooding, ext. 5890

AIS West

Webpage, (317) 544-5900

Cheryl Albrecht, ext. 5929
Jake Hally, ext. 5928

Social Worker
Colleen Ray, ext. 5915


Webpage, (317) 544-6200

Allison Osterburg, ext. 6233

Social Worker
Jaime Howell, ext. 6234


Webpage, (317) 544-6300

Dana Cox, ext. 6320

Social Worker
Pam Puls, ext. 6335


Webpage, (317) 544-6400

Laura Samide, ext. 6420

Social Worker
Jessica Perkins, ext. 6429

Pine Tree

Webpage, (317) 544-6500

Social Worker
Pam Puls, (317) 544-6335

River Birch

Webpage, (317) 544-6800

Kyle Kopke, ext. 6820

Social Worker
Jessica Perkins, (317) 544-6429


(317) 544-6600

Sarah Altman, ext. 6620

Social Worker
Jaime Howell, (317) 544-6234

Virtual Calming Space

Many of our schools and even our classrooms have created mindfulness or calming areas for students and/or staff.  Please feel free to visit this calming space any time you need to take a break.  There are a variety of resources, including sounds, images, writing activities, visual relaxation, guided focus activities, and movement breaks.  We will be adding new resources regularly, so check back often!

This is a place where you can virtually go to help calm and regulate yourself.  We want to help you to be able to recognize, identify, and safety respond to your feelings.

How does social-emotional learning help students?

social emotional learning competencies

We support students as they build five core competencies: self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.  School counselors support these efforts by collaborating with teachers to deliver these lessons to students during the school week.  

ACSC firmly believes in educating the whole child. In order for a child to be available for learning experiences, they must first feel safe, regulated, and ready to interact socially with others.  Taking time to intentionally teach these social-emotional skills to our students will help prepare them for the best possible learning environment.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about social-emotional learning at ACSC, please reach out to your school counselor.

Our Mission

We work to increase awareness, accessibility, and support to improve mental wellness as a school community. We do this through empowering students, strengthening the school-family partnership, and building supportive relationships to improve staff mental wellness.

Contact Us

Krista Fay
Mental Wellness Coordinator


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Parent/Caregiver Resources

Avon Mental Wellness Updates

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