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School Safety

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Students learn best when they know they're safe.

Keeping students safe is our most important job. So, we collaborate with city, county, state, and national safety officials on national best practices.  In addition to our central office staff and our incredible ACSC Police Department, we employ 12 certified Indiana School Safety Specialists who are trained to lead the development and implementation of school safety practices within our schools. We have 20 people on our staff who have completed School Safety Specialist training.

We invite you to read through the content on this page so you can learn more about the work we are doing to make sure Avon Schools are safe schools. Contact us if you need more information or if you have questions.

Understanding Safety Alert Levels

Our goal in Avon Schools is to maintain safe and secure learning environments. On occasion, it is necessary to respond to internal and external threats by issuing orders to increase safety alert levels. We use standard response protocol with clear, concise language to ensure we respond effectively. It is our policy to communicate timely, accurate information with parents/caregivers and staff whenever a situation occurs that could cause you to be concerned.

The following are the safety alert levels we use in Avon Schools. By being familiar with this language, you will have a more accurate understanding of what is occurring and how we are responding.

Hold In Place

When a hold in place order is issued, teachers make sure students are in classrooms and they continue to teach.  This order is issued to raise awareness that hallways and common areas need to be kept clear. The most common cause of this order is a situation where there is a medical issue that requires space and privacy so treatment can be administered.

Secure the Building

A secure the building order is issued when something is taking place outside of the school. We ensure that students are kept inside and that traffic in and out of the building is paused while the day's schedule continues. If necessary, an officer remains onsite to monitor traffic. The most likely scenario for this alert is when local police or fire personnel are working in the vicinity of the school.


When the lockdown order is given, teachers and school personnel are made aware that there is a threat inside the school building. In this rare scenario, the most common response for staff members is to ensure everyone is inside classrooms or offices, doors are locked, lights are out, and everyone is out of the line of sight. No one is allowed to enter or leave the school.


The most likely scenarios that would cause an evacuation order to be given are the presence of smoke/fire or a mechanical/system failure in the school building that makes it unsafe to remain indoors. Students and staff head to the nearest exit and teachers take attendance when they arrive at a rally point away from the building.


The most common cause for a shelter order is a tornado or severe weather warning. Occupants on upper floors move to the lowest level of the school building, keep away from exterior doors and windows, and remain in interior rooms. Teachers take attendance when everyone is in a safe place and resume activities when the all-clear is issued.

Visitor & Volunteer Tracking

Would you like to visit a school?Avon Schools require all visitors to check-in at the front office using our visitor management system, Safe Visitor.  This system requires visitors to scan their driver's license or state identification card for a check of their record.  A temporary badge is provided to all visitors to wear while in our buildings.  As our visitors leave school, they scan and return that badge to front office staff.

Are you interested in volunteering at school or attending a field trip? 

All volunteers must have a criminal history background check done prior to volunteering at school.  You can check with the building's front office staff to see if your background check is current.  If you have multiple students who attend multiple schools in Avon, you only need one criminal background check.

View our Volunteer Policy

ACSC Anti-Bullying Initiative

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Winter Weather Delays & Closures

Indiana weather can be unpredictable. From time to time, it may cause us to call for a delay, early dismissal, e-learning day, or even a closure. We will notify you of delays, early dismissals, and cancellations via ParentSquare, social media, and our website. You can also watch for updates on local TV: CBS4, WRTV-6, WISH-TV8, WTHR-13, and FOX59.

Here are the factors we consider in the decision-making process and some helpful resources for caregivers and students alike.

The safety of our students and staff is always our primary consideration. School is one of the safest places to be even when the weather is bad:

  • State, Town, and Avon Schools staff do a great job clearing highways, streets, and school lots.
  • Buses are safe, warm, and better-equipped to handle poor conditions than most cars.
  • School buildings are warm, dry, well-lit and secure even in the worst weather.

Remaining open and on-time is often the best decision for families:

  • Caregivers don't have to decide who remains home.
  • Children don't have to spend the day unattended.
  • School cafeterias serve nutritious lunches.
  • Temperature is often no better two hours later than it is early in the morning. 
  • Parents of student drivers can sign up to ride the bus by contacting Transportation at (317) 544-6140 at least 36 hours in advance.

The timing of delays and closures can be tricky because the weather changes fast and forecasts can be wrong. We rarely make the call to delay or cancel school at night. Most often, we do so in the morning. That gives our team the chance to make the most accurate assessment possible.

Advance Notice
There is no formula for the amount of snow, ice, sleet, wind or low temperature necessary to cause a delay, early dismissal, or cancellation. Whenever there's a forecast of winter weather, a team of district administrators hits the road before 4:30 a.m. to assess. They compare notes, watch developments, and consult with local authorities on road conditions. We strive to make a decision and communicate with parents by 6:00 a.m. 

Safety Drills

Drills are an important aspect of school safety and will be used as teachable moments for our staff and students. Indiana Code requires each school to conduct monthly fire drills, one severe weather drill per semester, and one man-made occurrence (lockdown) drill per semester. 

Avon Schools utilize the concepts of ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) when conducting lockdown drills.  ALICE focuses on various courses of action that help staff and students respond most effectively to a crisis situation.  This is an options-based training, highlighting situational awareness and decision making.  No single response fits all crisis scenarios, however making sure staff and students know their options for response will help them to react effectively.

Safety Resources for Parents

mental wellness info and support
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Our Mission

Avon Community Schools takes the safety of our students and staff seriously, and we work continuously to provide the safest and most secure learning environment possible. 

Contact Us

Deb Swain-Bayless
School Safety Coordinator

Recent Safety Updates

leahy and scott-spencer

Chief Sam Leahy and several district leaders and members of the Avon Schools PD and Safety teams gathered to witness the swearing in of Avon School Police Department's newest Officer, Tre Scott-Spencer.

solar eclipse

Avon will experience totality during the total solar eclipse on April 8. It's exciting to be in the path of such a rare event. Let's plan together so we can all enjoy it safely.

children in snow

From time to time, it may cause us to call for a delay, early dismissal, e-learning day, or even a closure. Here's how we decide and notify you.