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COVID-19 Protocols

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COVID-19 Impact Data

Avon High School 3
Avon Middle School North 1
Avon Middle School South 1
Avon Intermediate School East 1
Avon Intermediate School West 0
Cedar Elementary 0
Hickory Elementary 0
Maple Elementary 0
Pine Tree Elementary 1
River Birch Elementary 1
Sycamore Elementary 0
White Oak Early Learning Center 0
District Staff, Facilities, Transportation 0
Weekly Total
Close Contacts*












*Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protocol on quarantines. The approach is very cautious in taking steps to limit the spread of COVID-19 in schools. Quarantines do not mean a school is unsafe or unhealthy for students and staff. Quarantines mean significant proactive measures have been taken to support student and staff health. The vast majority of individuals who are quarantined feel fine, never develop symptoms, and do not test positive for COVID-19.

Updated 7/30/2021

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