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Emergency Response

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Student and staff safety is our top priority. 

We dedicate ourselves to preparation and prevention because the best way to keep our schools safe and secure is to stop anything bad from happening. However, we have built extensive plans — using the best school safety information available across the nation — to respond if something happens. 

The information on this page is presented to help you — our parents/caregivers, employees, and the community — understand how our school safety, police, administrators, and community first responders are prepared to respond.

Understanding Safety Alert Levels

Our goal in Avon Schools is to maintain safe and secure learning environments. On occasion, it is necessary to respond to internal and external threats by issuing orders to increase safety alert levels. We use proven procedures and clear, concise language to ensure we respond effectively. It is our policy to communicate timely, accurate information with parents/caregivers and staff whenever a situation occurs that could cause you to be concerned.

The following are the safety alert levels we use in Avon Schools. By being familiar with this language, you will have a more accurate understanding of what is occurring and how we are responding.

Hold In Place

When a hold in place order is issued, teachers make sure students are in classrooms and they continue to teach.  This order is issued to raise awareness that hallways and common areas need to be kept clear. The most common cause of this order is a situation where there is a medical issue that requires space and privacy so treatment can be administered.

Secure the Building

A secure the building order is issued when something is taking place outside of the school. We ensure that students are kept inside and that traffic in and out of the building is paused while the day's schedule continues. If necessary, an officer remains onsite to monitor traffic. The most likely scenario for this alert is when local police or fire personnel are working in the vicinity of the school.


When the lockdown order is given, teachers and school personnel are made aware that there is a threat inside the school building. In this rare scenario, the most common response for staff members is to ensure everyone is inside classrooms or offices, doors are locked, lights are out, and everyone is out of the line of sight. No one is allowed to enter or leave the school.


The most likely scenarios that would cause an evacuation order to be given are the presence of smoke/fire or a mechanical/system failure in the school building that makes it unsafe to remain indoors. Students and staff head to the nearest exit and teachers take attendance when they arrive at a rally point away from the building.


The most common cause for a shelter order is a tornado or severe weather warning. Occupants on upper floors move to the lowest level of the school building, keep away from exterior doors and windows, and remain in interior rooms. Teachers take attendance when everyone is in a safe place and resume activities when the all-clear is issued.

Reunification Information

In the event it is ever necessary to transport students from their school to an off-site location to reunite them with their parents or caregivers, our goal is to do so in safely, efficiently, and accurately. 

Using proven information and guidance, Avon Schools has adopted procedures that will guide us in reunification events and we have taken a leadership role in our county, developing strong partnerships with neighboring school corporations, establishing relationships with all local first responder agencies, and networking with trusted community partners.

Reunification FAQ

The following FAQ have been assembled to help you have a better understanding of what reunification is, how it works, and what you can expect in the event it is necessary to reunify.

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Avon Schools is taking the lead not only in keeping our schools safe but also in coordinating with neighboring school district leaders and county first responder agencies to increase school safety across Hendricks County.


Avon Schools students and staff are away enjoying fall break activities, but the Administration Center and Avon School Police Department were hubs of activity on Tuesday, October 10.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.

Sam Leahy
Chief of Police

Deb Swain-Bayless
School Safety Coordinator

Lindsey Austin
Administrative Assistant
p: (317) 544-6031

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