• Q. What is Avon's School Code for the Mobile App?

    A.  KCTN

    Q. When will I receive my student's access codes so I can add my student to my PowerParent account?

    A. Student access codes may be obtained from the child's school building.

    Q. How do I add additional students to my PowerParent account?

    A. Directions for adding additional students.

    Q. How do I see individual assignment grades?

    A. To see individual assignment scores, first click the Grades and Attendance icon. If you click on the grade listed for the subject (blue link), it will take you to a page listing the individual assignments and scores which make up that grade.

    Q. Who do I contact for help with online grades?

    A. Please email powerparent@avon-schools.org for help with online grades. Webmail users, please copy and paste the email address into the the "to:" field of a new webmail message.

    Q. Are students allowed to login to PowerParent?

    A. An account is automatically generated for students in grades 5-12. Their login is as follows: username: S followed by their student ID (i.e. S12345678); password: a random code is given by the student's school. The password can then be changed by click on "Account Preferences."