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Avon Middle School South has adopted the Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) system to help shape our school culture around positive experiences. Teachers are encouraged to focus on the expected behaviors listed below using a matrix to help identify those behaviors.  


i Stay safe

i Own my learning

i Use my time wisely

i Take responsibility

i Have respect for myself & others

We use the #iamsouth as the framework for our PBIS system. We reard behavior with red tickets. If students are caught exhibiting expected behavior, they are given a red tickets. Every other Friday we have red ticket drawings for prizes, and every Wednesday our red ticket strore is open for students to purchase items such as candy or other prizes with thier red tickets. Through our fundraisor and other money, we are able to fund the red ticket drawings and store. Also, students can purchase other things such as sitting in the teacher comfy chair, extra homework coupons, classroom sign-outs, and much more.