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Early Dismissal Procedure

Early Dismissal procedures:  Due to our current pandemic situation our procedure has changed:  If you are aware that your student has an appointment and will need to leave school during the school day, please email the school at this address: with all the necessary information (student name, reason for early dismissal, and the time the student needs to leave school) and we will provide the student with an Early dismissal pass so the student will be able to leave class at the appriopriate time and come to the office to sign out  If someone other than a parent or guardian will be picking up your student, please include his/her name in the email.  Once we verify their photo ID the student will be able to sign out and leave. 


As of now we will not be able to accept notes from home for this purpose.  If an appontment has just been made the same day we will need for you to come into the office and once we verify your photo ID then we will call the student out of class and then you may return to your vehicle to wait for your student.