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Not getting school messages?

To ensure that you can be notified by your school when emergencies, newsletters and  weather delays or closures are announced, parents/guardians of ACSC students may adjust preferences to receive telephone, email and/or text messages. Only Primary Telephone, and primary email address provided by parents/guardians during student enrollment will be contacted automatically unless your preferences have been adjusted.  If you want to change your call preferences or add text messaging, please visit  From this page you may download the app for iPhone, Android or use the webpage to sign up.  When you sign up please use the email address on file at your child's school.  You will know if the email address is correct because your contact information and child's name will display in "contacts" of portal after your sign up is complete.  If your child's name and your contact information is not present, please contact your child's school to have PowerSchool updated with your current email address. 


SchoolMessenger instructions