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­Textbook Rental



       Kindergarten                                                 $ 118.22

       Grade 1                                                        $ 138.94

       Grade 2                                                        $ 123.68

       Grade 3                                                        $ 138.06

       Grade 4                                                        $ 129.78


Book rental fees may be paid with check or cash at the school, or online beginning July 31st at e-Funds for Schools (a small additional charges will apply for online payments).

Click below for online payments.


PROFESSIONAL COLLECTION SERVICES FOR DELINQUENT COSTS – Avon Community School Corporation has contracted with a Professional Collection Service to secure delinquent book rental, fees, lunch money and other related school costs.  The initial charge will be ten dollars ($10.00) per student for that company’s services.  Should the Professional Collection Service request to initiate additional steps, individuals will be subject to additional charges.


Textbook rental is due the first day of school, August 1, 2018.  There is a grace period that ends on September 14, 2018.  After September 14, 2018 any unpaid textbook rental will be turned over to the collection service.  If you need to set up a payment plan, please see Mrs. Rhonda Harris, Treasurer.   If you need to fill out the on-line application for state assistance, instructions are located in the take home folder. If you need additional help you may contact the Food Service Office at 544-6000, Ext. 6063, and Emily Cates, Rebecca Leeper, or Leann Snodgrass will be able to assist you with the application.