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Old National Bank Provides $4200 for Avon Schools through AEF

Joint Press Release from the Avon and Brownsburg Education Foundations



(Avon) Sara Bender, 317-544-6090

(Brownsburg) Rene Behrend, 317-858-869

(Old National Bank Foundation) Linda Ford,


Old National Bank Foundation Provides $9200 in Grants to Benefit Financial Literacy and Workforce Development for Hendricks County Schools


The Avon (AEF) and Brownsburg (BEF) Education Foundations support programs that enhance opportunities available in public schools and rely heavily on community partners for financial support.  Over the past school year, both schools received grants from the Old National Bank Foundation totaling $9200. 

“Old National Bank is focused on developing partnerships with organizations in our communities that are dedicated to leveraging funding opportunities that impact areas of greatest need.  We are proud to partner with nonprofit organizations like Avon Education Foundation and Brownsburg Education Foundation in strengthening our community through their initiatives with meaningful impact,” said Kathy Spangler, Banking Center manager.  “Both the Avon and Brownsburg education programs will prepare at-risk teens to transition from school to life after graduation.”

The Avon Education Foundation received $4200 toward Financial Literacy Preparation for Life After Graduation.  This amount supported students at Avon High School by providing materials to help students understand Financial Aid Fundamentals in preparation for completing the FAFSA, curriculum-based resources for finance-related math courses and support for students to compete through Business Professionals of America. 

“Thanks to this grant from the Old National Bank Foundation, many students will leave Avon High School with the skills needed to achieve financial success,” said Sara Bender, AEF Executive Director.

Funding from this grant has served over 1300 individuals and increased the number of students that demonstrated financial knowledge and created a savings plan.  The number of AHS Students that completed the FAFSA increased 15% over the previous year.  The accounting supplies purchased through this grant helped AHS Student, Sryia Koganti, place 5th in the nation in Entrepreneurship with Business Professionals of America. She was able to understand cash flow, income statements and other financial data needed for her business.  Additionally, there was a notable increase in student scores in the BPA competition at the regional level with 5 of the top 15 scores going to AHS. 

“We have never had this many students in the top 15 scores on this particular test,” said Nona Hollenbaugh, AHS Teacher, “My goal is to work on the state level students’ preparation by using the materials again next year.”

Brownsburg Education Foundation received $5000 to implement a soft-skills program for at-risk students who attend Harris Academy in efforts to increase employment after high school.  Students participate in class activities to create resumes and learn skills that will make them good employees. 

 "Working through this process will help the students see the value of their education and motivate them to stay engaged in school. They can see the connection between earning a high school diploma and the opportunities that are available to them after graduation," said Rene Behrend, BEF Executive Director. 

Students also work with mentors, participate in mock interviews and make work-site visits to help them understand the various types of jobs that are available to them after graduation. This grant will help these students become fully engaged and positively contributing citizens in the community.

“Through Old National’s charitable giving programs, the Foundation demonstrates its commitment to improve the quality of life in the communities where its clients, associates and shareholders live and work,” according to Janet Baas, Foundation President.  “We were pleased to learn about these two unique initiatives in our Indianapolis region.  Due to the volume of applications received, each application is evaluated on a competitive basis as we strive to fund programs with strong impact and measurable outcomes.  The Foundation’s primary focus areas are affordable housing, economic development, workforce development, financial literacy, and education programs.  Priority consideration is also giving to initiatives that serve low-to-moderate income individuals and households,” said Baas.  To learn more about the Foundation, please visit