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Link to Board Meeting Regarding Elementary Education

If you missed the School Board meeting regarding plans for White Oak and Maple Elementary Schools, click here to view the taped video. 

Over the past several months, the School Board has heard presentations about significant needs in several school buildings. The Board has also reviewed the recent Demographic Study, which indicates we can address elementary enrollment growth with modifications to our existing buildings, rather than building a new school. The oldest campuses, White Oak Elementary, Maple Elementary, and Avon Middle School South clearly need the most attention, but tax caps have limited our ability to keep up with needs. In addition to aging buildings, the Board and Administration are working to determine how to provide equitable educational experiences for all of our K-4 students in our elementary schools, whether large or small. It is also important to our community that these needs be accomplished without increasing taxes.

Presentations at Board meetings on April 23 and May 6 led to discussion about renovating and increasing the size of Maple Elementary to the size of River Birch and Cedar, our two largest elementary schools. White Oak would become a centralized preschool. All changes to both buildings would occur in time for the 2021-2022 school year. It was important, once the discussion was made public, that administration meet, educate, and reassure our staff in the two potentially affected buildings and to find ways to make parents and others aware of these discussions. Naturally, some boundary adjustments at the K-4 levels at all schools would be necessary to adjust enrollment in each elementary school for 2021-22. While there was a time in Avon’s past that redistricting occurred quite frequently to keep up with enormous growth, we have not redistricted/changed boundaries at the K-4 level since 2010 when River Birch Elementary was built. That means that the last group of students affected by redistricting are now current high school students. We are excited to provide equity in K-4 programming and improve facilities with no impact to taxpayers.