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ACSC Board Appoints Chief of Police

The Avon School Board of Trustees voted to appoint Chase Lyday as the school corporation’s first Chief of Police. He will be instrumental in the formation and staffing of the new ACSC Police Department.

Chief Lyday joins ACSC from MSD of Decatur Township where he served as SRO (school resource officer) and School Safety Coordinator. He was involved in starting that district’s police department and was also a former deputy sheriff for Marion County. Chief Lyday currently serves as the President of the Indiana School Resource Officers Association and on the Board of Directors for the National Association of School Resource Officers.

“Chase Lyday stood out among the many applicants for several reasons,” stated ACSC Superintendent Maggie Hoernemann. “He has excellent experience as an SRO, is viewed as a leader at the state and national levels in the field of school safety, is known for fostering positive relationships with kids and is a champion of school safety. We are confident that Chief Lyday will help us build a strong foundation for an effective police department that will serve our students and staff.”

Superintendent Hoernemann added, “This is a significant step forward and would not have been possible without the leadership of Deb Swain-Bayless, ACSC’s Safety Coordinator. Mrs. Swain-Bayless’s collaboration with multiple community agencies and her expertise continue to add tremendous value to our focus on school safety.”

In October 2019, the ACSC Board , Mrs. Swain-Bayless, administrators, Avon Police Chief Sean Stoops and Deputy Chief Brian Nugent jointly presented options to the community for the future of ACSC’s School Resource Officer program which included the option of implementing a school police department. The Board voted on this measure in November 2019.

Chief Lyday will begin on February 10th.