elearning 2020

Videos to help you say your sounds


Language hidden pictures

Artic hidden pictures 

5/4-5/8: Find the words and practice your sounds at the same time with these fun word searches!

R word search

CH and SH word search

K and G word search

L and Lblend word search

TH word search

S and S Blend word search


4/27- 5/1

The following are coloring sheets that look at pronouns, nouns, plurals and  past tense.

Happy Coloring!

nouns and pronouns

pronoun coloring

past tense coloring

plurals coloring


Some fun websites:

https://www.highlightskids.com/games/hidden-pictures  Covers vocabulary, prepositionalphrases and basic concepts

https://www.getepic.com/  great book resource


ch,th,sh game



sound challenge 



4/6-4/10 Speech homework:

April speech activities-

Level 1- Kindergarten

Level 2-1st and 2nd grades

Level 3- 3rd and 4th grades

Articulation Scavenger Hunt


3/16-3/19 speech homework

Print  and complete your child's grade: 

Level 1-Kindergarten

Level 2- 1st and 2nd grades

Level 3- 3rd and 4th grades


New elearning speech activities