Teacher Handbook Review

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1.      Mission/Vision

                     We have high academic expectations for our students and our students do achieve to these standards.
                     School Improvement Plan has focused on literacy for the past 3 years. Look for an emphasis on literacy and the Common Core Standards across 
                     content areas this year. Focus on nonfiction and argument.

2.      Administrative responsibilities

3.      Attendance/tardy policies (pages 26-31 of the student handbook)

4.      Professional dress

5.      Grading guidelines

6.      Evaluations

7.      Field trips

8.      Floorplans/schedules

9.      TA forms

10.  Student Government

Notes from July 25
Tab 1
Can send a student to Kerry if you do not know the student's principal or it isn't a good time to look for that info.
Tab 2
Pay close attention to the times the bells ring during lunch, so you don't let kids go early to lunch.
Tab 3
Your dress should be professional and you should be clearly distinguised in your dress from the students. Occassionally - not often - there will be a pre-announced jeans day.

Evaluation - new system = the RISE system, adopted in Avon with Avon added clarification. Task force studied RISE last year and there will be a task force to study RISE this year. Components: Teacher evaluation rubric. Two long (40 minute) observation and 3 short (10 minute) observations.  We will use the Bloom
Board system...an appointment will be sent from this system and then feedback input into the system, which teachers will have access to. Some face-to-face evaluations as well. Second component: SLO: Student Learning Objective. You'll choose one course for your SLO. Teachers will work with their PLC to determihne a common assessment. Third component: School grade.  RISE is just different.

Be a cheerleader for yourself...report to your principal the great things in your class and all Professional Develeopment you participate in. You get points for these things you are doing. Email your administrator and document what you are doing and your successes.

We're all in this together!
Good instruction starts with a solid lesson plan. Each department has a template for their lesson plan. You are expected to have 5 days of lesson plans on the Shared drive each week. Administrators DO check your lesson plans. Prior to going into your room, the administrators will look at your lesson plans.  If you have questions about your Lesson Plans, ask Beth May, AHS Instructional Coach.
A form is at the end of Tab 3 for you to have a Teacher's Assistant (TA). Guidelines: Must have a C and be a student in "good standing."
Tab 4: Attendance in Tardies - This information is also found in the Student Handbook
Students are allowed 6 absences per class. Around 3 or 4 absences, their counselor will call her/him in. If they aren't showing up - for example, during first period - the assistant principal will work with them. We have something called Project Attend. Or they might fail your class. Start iwth the counselor first on attendance; they have more knowledge about the kids and what is going on.
Students are allowed 3 pre-arranged absences per year. They will have a form, signed by an administrator, which you sign and indicate homework that needs to be done. Make sure it is signed. If a student is taking a 5 day trip, 3 could be excused while 2 will be unexcused. Take attendance everyday at beginning of class in PowerSchool. Pre-arranged absence has it's own code, which a secretary will put in.
Tardies. First 2 are warnings. Put in grade book OR powerschool OR both. Third and 4th...5th level see Tab 4.  Enforce the school's policy. This is part of our jobs. Part of RISE is to follow school policy.
Riley Dance Marathon is a great activity at the end of the school year, sponsored by Student Government. Homecoming is September 21 and there is a fun spirit week prior to the game. Clubs and activities and Student Government have helped to create a wonderful school climate.
Tab 6 is the grading policy.Grade for ability - what they are able to do. Do not grade kids for behavior. Behavior & attendance are separate from grades. Your DC will tell you about your department's weighted grading scale. We are on cumulative grades...not separated by 9 week grades. There is a mid-term progress report. PowerSchool is live; keep your grades updated!! Keep families happy :)       There should NEVER be a surprise D or F. You must early-on email or call parents. Make that phone call!! Follow-through until you get a live person responding to you and be sure to document all parent contacts.
The Student Handbook is your go-to place for information: Many of the questions you have will be answered here. To find something quickly, use Ctrl + F and type in the key term. For example, to find our cell phone policy, Ctrl+ F and type in cell. Click on the right arrow and you'll be taken to our cell phone policy.

The Mission of Avon High School is excellence in instructionand learning for all students.  It is ourresponsibility to help students reach their full potential and masterchallenging curricula.  Students will betaught the importance of academic excellence, critical thinking, andcommunication skills required for the 21st century.  In addition, our staff will foster anenvironment of personal integrity, responsibility, empathy for others, andrespect for cultural diversity.  In acollaborative effort with colleagues, students, parents, and the community, theAvon High School staff will monitor student achievement through state and localassessments and respond with a systemic plan of intervention to meet the needsof students who are failing to meet rigorous standards.
“Learning is the only option; whatever it takes.”

Vision Statement –

Our mission statement guides Avon High to develop a visionthat addresses three basic questions:

1.     Whatdo we want all students to learn?

2.     Howwill we know when each student has acquired the intended knowledge and skill?

3.     Whowill we respond when students don’t learn so that we can improve upon currentlevels of learning?