Who do I go to for....?

Sub Caller Info - before 6:00 

Substitute request after 6:00 a.m.: Trish Rediske

Technology Assstance: Kyle Beimfohr, Robyn Young

Help to jazz up my lesson plans: Beth May, Robyn Young

A pep talk when I'm feeling overwhelmed:
  • Kellie Rodkey, Your DC, any teacher in the building!

My lunch balance or to add money to my account - see cashiers in either AHS or ALC cafes.

Information I should know but forget? These people do not get mad or show their frustration when you ask about
what they've already told you 50 million times:
  • Trish Reidiske, Mr. Swank's Administrative Assistant; her office is next to his office.

  • Keri Gerig, Administrative Assistant in Student Services (right outside Jim Ludlow's office).

  • Jenifer Warfield for Tech help; she never gets mad! Even though the info was in 5 memos, she will still act like your question is very important. She is one email away and her office is connected to the ALC library.

If you have no idea who to go to for something, ask Robyn Young smiley face