Basic Organization

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1.      Attendance (PowerSchool)

2.      Seating Charts (Or go here to generate a seating chart electronically! This is a site you'll want to bookmark!)


4.      Parent phone log

5.      Lesson plan expectations

   Sample #1 (Thanks Amanday Leahy)
   Sample #2 (From Catherine Trinkle)

6.      Sample Sub Plans

Substitute Request Information


7.      Shared drive (The S drive)

8   Website expectations

SchoolWIres is new to all Avon School employees this year, so even veteran andtech-savvy teachers will have questions.Kyle Beimfohr is your key contact andthese 4 teachers are great reasources, too, as they have had training: AmandaLeahy, Suzi Lebo, Ranielle Moore, and Catherine Trinkle. Click here for a SchoolWires help and resource page.


9.  New Teacher Portal - It will be here for you all year. Can't find something? Please email Catherine Trinkle, and I will try to find the resource/answer for you.