1.      Professional leave requests

2.      Family illness/personal leave requests

3.      Substitute Request Information

4.      Sub folder requirements


1.      Disciplinary referrals (Saturday school, detention, file/warning referral)

2.      Disciplinary paper-trail

3.      Supervision sign-up

4.      Passes

5.      Drills (tornado, fire, other)

Notes from July 25
Stay tuned for afterschool activities supervision requirements, which are being "negotiated" right now. Wait for Jim's announcements and then go get in line!! You may trade duties.
If you are Tammy Senousy by 9:00 p.m. or before 6:00 a.m. If you are taking a personal day, there is a form to fill out (You get 2 personal days) and secure a sub by emailing or calling Tammy. Give the form to Trish. Tell your DC as well.
Same form is used for family sick day. Okay to submit form after the fact, for a sick day. Keep track of your own careful not to take more than 2 personal days or you will be docted a day's pay. This info is also on your pay stub and you can ask Trish.  Do not use days to attend a Big 10 game. Use them for "emergency" type situations.
There is a professional day form...get pre-approved. Even if the PD is in the corporation, fill it out! Give this form to your DC.  Call for a sub yourself.
Teachers are not obligated to sign student agenda passes.
Any "F" word usage or symolic "F" word usage needs to be written up. Detentions are Monday- Wednesday - Friday. Give one week to serve detention. Turn the detention in to the student's AP. CALL PARENTS for every detention you write! You must do this!
There will be a Fire Drill within the first 10 days of school. Jim cannot tell us when he is going to have a Fire Drill. He avoids rain. Lunch we're not going to do a drill.