Athletic Department

1.      Overview of athletic department

2.      Parking permits

3.      Teacher admittanceto athletic events

4.      Calendar of athletic events - Fall sports

5.      Fitness/Cardio Room use

6.      Athletic supervisions

Notes from July 25 presentation
Brad Holsinger, Director
Lance Larkey, Assistant Athletic Department Director
Full time secretary - Jean
Part time sectretary - Brandy
Class 5 A football....going to be a 6 A....13th largest school. 16 IHSAA sports. 57 teams. Over 90 coaches. for full schedules & each coach has his/her own webpage.
Parking tags....if you drive 2 different cars, get 2 different tags
If you get a notice because you didn't have your tag, just email Brad.
Teachers with their families just show staff i.d. to get into any of the 4200 home events for free. Can get passes for just your kids to attend for free... just ask Brad.
Your teacher key opens the weight room and the cardio room...use for free. Available 24/7.  Students may not be in either room without adult supervision.
Teacher basketball on Monday & Thursday nights. Email Brad to get on his list.
You may (probably will) be required to supervise after school events as part of your teacher contracts.  Active supervision...not a spectator. 
If you have any issue with a student athlete, email that studnet's coach. Coach's must know in order to help with the situation, whether it is academic and discipline.