Day 54

Posted by Catherine Trinkle on 12/13/2012

Revise your essay one last time. Here is a checklist of things to review before you email me your APA -formatted essay.

1. Revise Cover Page to fit this assignment.

2. Make sure you have your last name – add to pages 1 & 2.

3. Make sure every parenthetical citation has a period AFTER the end parenthesis.

4. All subheadings are capitalized .

5. Do you have a reference for EVERY work you cited?

6. Write your Abstract– a summary of your work in just 2 - 3 sentences.

7. Other:   
DOUBLE-SPACE! I will not be able to read your paper if it is single-spaced;
Highlight your Thesis Statement;
Don't have a subheading called "Freewrite" - change as needed.