2020/2021 Physical Information and Privit Link

Avon Athletic/Performing Arts Documents


For the 2020-2021 school year Avon Athletics is continuing to use a completely paperless clearance process.  The process includes a paperless IHSAA Pre-Participation Physical. A parent/guardian and student-athlete will be required to create an account and manage the necessary documents using the Privit Portal. This process will provide a higher level of security and efficiency than the previous process.  

Please follow the steps to complete the required documents:(Download the full instructions HERE)

Step 1: Register an account in the parent name:

As a parent/guardian, you will create an account, then add your student to the account and complete only their information. Start creating your account by selecting or enter the link https://avonorioles-in.e-ppe.com/index.jspa then follow the steps below

1.     From the landing page, click Register.

2.     Please register with your name as a parent, your email address, and create a password of your choice. When you are finished, click Sign Up.  (If you have multiple family members or if you have already registered yourself, you do not need to register again.)

 Step 2: Add athlete(s) to your account:

1.     On the Home page click the Add Member button on the left side of the page. (This allows you to add your student/athlete to your account. You can add as many additional family members as necessary.)

o   Click Add Member on the left side of the page.

o   Enter your athlete’s first name (and last name if different), date of birth, and gender.

o   Ignore Enable Login and then click Add Member. You will now see your athlete’s listed on the home page.

Step 3: Complete the Personal Details section for the athlete:

1.     Click on your athlete’s Name. Then begin completing the Personal Details by clicking the Start button to the right of Personal Details.

2.     Complete each section of the Personal Details section to 100% and click Save and Exit.

IMPORTANT: For the Personal Details to be 100% complete, all mandatory questions marked with a red asterisk (*) need to be answered. 

Step 4: Complete the Pre-Participation History and all other forms sections for the athlete

Step 5: Join team(s):

1.     After completing the forms, you must join a team. To join a team, click Update next to Joined Teams, and check the box next to the appropriate team(s) and click Done at the bottom of the page when finished.

Step 7: Printing Physical and Pre-Participation History Form:

1.     If you have not done so already, a copy of a blank physical form can be downloaded by click PRINT DOCUMENTS on the home page.  

2.     Only Download and Print the Blank Physical Form and Pre-Participation History Form from the Print Documents page. Please bring both of these pages either to physical night or wherever you get your sports physical completed.

3.     When the Physical Form has been signed by the doctor, please see Step 8 to upload the form into your athlete’s profile. 

Step 8: Uploading Forms:

A parent will be responsible for uploading the physical form. Before uploading, you will need to either scan the document into your computer or take a photo of the document with your tablet or smartphone*. If you are using a smartphone or tablet to upload, please open the internet browser and type in the school’s Privit website. Then login to your account.

1.     Click Manage Documents from the athlete's home screen. Next, click Upload Document near the top right. 

2.     Click Browse to select the scanned document or take a photo of the document. (If you are accessing this page from a mobile device, you should be prompted to take a picture of your document or select a photo of the document from the photo album.)

3.     From the drop down next to ‘Document Type,’ select the name of the document type you are uploading. (Also there is an optional ability to add a comment to provide additional information to identify your document.)

4.     Click Upload.

5.    You should be directed back to the athlete's ‘Manage Documents’ page. You should see the uploaded document and any other documents that have been submitted. For further assistance on uploading forms, please click here.