Payroll Department

Tara  Patterson                                                Laura Moore
Certified Staff                                                Non-Certified Staff 
Payroll Coordinator                                           Payroll Clerk
317-544-6044                                                  317-544-6043
All pay check information can be seen and printed as necessary from your skyward account.  Under "Employee Information" you will find a "Payroll" section.  From here you can see all checks, view direct deposit information, see tax status, and W2's beginning in 2015.
From your Skyward account, you can also update your personal information such as name, address,  phone number, email, etc. under the "Employee Information" tab.  Please note that for all name changes, legal documents will be requested prior to approving this change.  Access Skyward here.
Tax forms - To update your tax forms, please print, complete, sign, and return the following forms to the Payroll Department:
Direct Deposit - To update your direct deposit information, please print, complete, sign, and return the following form to the Payroll Department:
Name/Address Change - To update your name and/or address, please print, complete, sign, and return  following form to the Payroll Department.  Please remember to attach legal documents if changing your name.