Tips for doing your best learning at home:

Schoolwork location:  Try to find a quiet space in your home with a writing surface: for example, a table and a comfortable chair (not too comfortable) or a desk. Make sure your supplies for learning are with you like a pencil, paper, laptop, etc.

Free from distractions:  Try to avoid doing work in front of the TV, while on your cell phone, or playing video games.

Set time for work:  You should work for an uninterrupted time.  Set a timer for work.  The amount of time spent working uninterrupted will depend on the student. It should be a minimum of ten minutes, but could be as long as 60 minutes.  

Take breaks:  You can take short breaks of 5 minutes if you have been working steadily.  Setting a timer helps you to stay on track until you have finished your work.  Be sure to take an outdoor, physical activity break at least once a day.  You need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.  

Stay organized: Do schoolwork every e-learning day.  Do not let your work pile up.  Do it in smaller chunks if it seems to be overwhelming.  

Reach out for help:  You can contact your teachers or your counselors via Schoology.  Please ask for help when you need it.  That is what we are here for!