What is the Dress Code?

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Per the ACSC Handbook: "When choosing what to wear to school each day, please keep the following in mind:

  1. On days when your child has PE, he/she must wear athletic style shoes. Girls need to wear shorts or slacks.

  2. Even though your child may wear shorts, these may not be short-shorts.

  3. Midriff and halter-tops are not allowed. Tank tops or sleeveless t-shirts are not allowed unless

    another T-shirt is worn underneath. (Child will be sent to the nurse for a shirt to wear as a replacement)

  4. T-shirts with writing or pictures must be appropriate for school. No tobacco or alcoholic references,

    profanity, or suggestive materials are permitted.

  5. Students should come dressed appropriately for changeable weather.

  6. Shoes must fit securely on feet. No backless shoes or shoes with wheels are allowed due to safety

    concerns. Children wearing open, loose fitting, or unsafe shoes will not be permitted to use the

    playground equipment.