Why are we changing school start and end times? Can’t we just leave things how they are?

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Recent boundary adjustment discussions lead naturally to this conversation about school start and end times for the 2021-22 school year.  

In December, the Board of School Trustees approved K-4 boundary adjustments for the 2021-22 school year. These adjustments will accomplish several objectives. Most importantly, they enable us to provide a more equitable experience for our elementary students. They also enable us to accommodate the transition of White Oak Elementary into a dedicated preschool. Finally, these boundary adjustments prepare us for future population growth. (Learn more here.)  

District leaders evaluated multiple school start- and end-time options with representatives from each level of schools in Avon – elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school. This group’s clear consensus is the schedule that was shared with the Board of School Trustees and, in turn, shared with the community. Superintendent Dr. Wyndham’s full Dec. 14 presentation of all three options is available on the corporation website

Leaving the schedule as-is is an option. However, the merits of an adjusted start- and end-time schedule and the three-tier transportation option are fueling this discussion for three primary reasons:

1. These adjustments address the reality of our current bus driver shortage. 

2. These adjustments enable us to renew our aging transportation fleet more rapidly.