How is the annual savings calculated?

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A three-tier system requires 15 to 20 fewer drivers and fewer bus aides. Approximately 69% of the projected savings comes from salaries and benefits. That figure is estimated to be $630,000. The remainder of the $900,000 savings would come from reduced bus insurance costs and savings from replacing fewer buses annually. While not included in these estimates, there will be additional savings from decreased fuel costs and bus maintenance costs on our aging fleet. 

Currently, 28 of our district’s buses are between 15 and 16 years old. Eighty-two buses – over half of the fleet – are 12 years old or older. While all our buses are safe and pass state inspections each year, due to property tax caps it is not possible for us to retire old buses and purchase new ones – they cost $135,000 each – at the rate they need to be replaced. This savings would enable us to update the fleet in a timelier manner given the constraints of property tax caps.