2020 Tryouts

Congratulations to the 2020 Football Cheerleading Squad:

  1. Payton Thomas
  2. Hayden Kass
  3. Gabby Salinas
  4. Ashlynne Woodson
  5. Elizabeth Watson
  6. Elize Scholtens
  7. Katelynn Jones
  8. Addison Cain
  9. Avery Dupire
  10. Sophia Adams
  11. Leylah Williams
  12. Haley Noud
  13. Addison Hite
  14. Kayelee Munro
  15. Mia Pickett
  16. Ronie Williams


Please check parent email for an important email regarding apparel fitting and practice coming soon! If you did not make the squad, we encourage you to enroll in a tumbling class and come see us for basketball tryouts!